What's the Emotion Life Lab?

What exactly is the Emotion Life Lab?

What is the Emotion Life Lab?

The Emotion Life Lab is a digital learning system that will help you gain key skills and insights to increase your emotional intelligence. Research shows that emotions impact decision-making, attention, creativity, relationship quality and your physical and mental health. Building emotional intelligence skills can help in all of these areas. What could that mean for you at work? At home?

Built with our co-founders from Yale University, the Emotion Life Lab is powered by the Oji Life Lab app for iOS and Android. The best part? You’re in charge. You engage whenever it’s good for you.

How does it work?

  • The Oji Life Lab app delivers a carefully designed sequence of about 50 learning steps
  • Steps are fun and quick, less than 10 minutes each
  • You set the pace and choose the best time to engage
  • Includes special live video discussions with an Oji Coach. You can join right from your phone.
  • Coaching and other support are available throughout the process

My schedule is already packed! What’s the time commitment?

  • Each step takes 5-10 minutes. Many people complete a step each day, but you can go at whatever pace works for you.
  • Do you like to binge watch? No problem. You can do multiple steps a day if you prefer!

What makes the Emotion Life Lab different?

  • The Emotion Life Lab is a new kind of digital learning program, with bite-sized learning experiences that are fun and engaging. We’re not fans of talking head videos, or the typical “click, click, quiz” format of most virtual learning.
  • Developing new skills or better habits takes time – it’s not something you can master in even the best workshop. Plus, who wants to be pulled out of work for a full day when we have a million other things to do?
  • It’s flexible. You Oji when you want to Oji.

What devices does the Oji Life Lab app work on?

Mobile Devices: iPhone running iOS10 (or newer) or Android devices running Android 7.0 (or newer)