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Personal Info and Privacy

Our Goal: Create a Safe Place for Learning. Your Data is just that. Yours.

Getting the most out of Oji Life Lab requires that you feel comfortable. We work hard to create an environment where that can happen.

Your Data is Yours

When you enter information into the Life Lab - whether text, video, audio, photos, or interactive contributions - it is yours and Oji Life Lab can’t access it, except as we describe below. We store your information in secure systems and it’s anonymized, so your identity information isn’t stored with the data.

Live Sessions

A key part of the Life Lab is our live sessions with Oji Coaches. These Coaches treat everything you say as strictly confidential. When you’re in sessions with other learners, everyone is asked to respect our Code of Conduct. Sometimes we record and review live sessions for training purposes. User identities are never shared in this process.

Our Access

Throughout the Life Lab, you’ll see the “Visible to Coach” option, that allows you to selectively make your contributions visible to Coaches that work with you. Generally speaking, Coaches can only access the information while working with you. If you don't share the info, they can't see it.


When you chat with us, any Coach may respond. In the process, they’ll see your chat history. Once the chat goes “quiet” for some time, the chat discussion is no longer available to Coaches.

Gallery Sharing

No surprise here, but when you choose the “Share” option on a card, its contents will become visible to the Life Lab community. 


We invite you to celebrate your “wins” through Stories. As is always the case in our system, your Stories stay private to you unless you explicitly share them, which you can do on a case-by-case basis (or never!). The Coordinator in your organization can see aggregate information on Story tags (like “decision-making” or “work”), but they don’t see who captured Stories unless individuals choose to share that information. You’re in control of who see’s what!

Tech Access

Our technical staff may, from time to time, have access to user information while maintaining systems. Needless to say, these personnel are subject to our strict confidentiality policies.

Progress Reporting

We track your progress through the Life Lab and provide reports to employers, too. We don’t know *what* you’re doing, just that you’re progressing...or not.


We analyze anonymous bulk information to determine, for example, what the overall emotional climate is within an organization. Personally identifying information is never included in this process.

Details Available

You can see our complete Privacy Policy at www.ojilifelab.com/privacy


The Bottom Line: Your learning process is private. Unless you share with our Coaches or other learners, only you know the contents of your progress.