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What is Oji Foundations?

What exactly is Oji Foundations?


What is Oji Foundations?

Oji Foundations helps first-time managers build the critical skills every leader needs to succeed. Designed in an exclusive collaboration with Dr. Linda Hill, renowned Harvard Business School professor and author, Oji Foundations helps learners develop skills in seven vital areas, including leadership and management skills as explored in Linda’s acclaimed book, Being the Boss. Skills are built step-by-step over time in the Oji app, through a unique combination of self-paced micro-learning segments; live, coach-led video sessions; and peer learning in the integrated Team Lab environment. Learners complete short multi-faceted learning steps on their phones, while live video sessions and peer-to-peer projects bring the experience to life.

How does it work?

  • Goes beyond simply sharing information about management and leadership. Oji Foundations is a proven system for developing lasting skills and habits.
  • Based on decades of research, Oji Emotions has been co-developed with a team of academic leaders, including an exclusive collaboration with Dr. Linda Hill, renowned Harvard Business School professor and author.
  • Provides approximately 40 hours of training but in a more convenient – and effective – format!
  • The training takes place on your mobile device and is broken up into about 100 learning steps.
  • Steps are fun and quick, less than 10 minutes each.
  • You set the pace and choose the best time to engage.
  • Includes special live video discussions with an Oji Coach. You can join right from your phone.
  • Includes peer learning via Team Lab, with 8-person team and dedicated Oji Coach. 6 live online video sessions for discussion and practice.
  • Checklist library to help with key processes like giving feedback, leading meetings, defusing conflict and more
  • Personality Assessment based on the global standard Big 5 model
  • Hack Stack with 100+ "cards" with key technique and ideas across all seven topic areas
  • Coaching and other support are available throughout the process.

My schedule is already packed! What’s the time commitment?

  • Self-paced learning: 5-10 minutes per day
  • Group coaching sessions: A minimum of one (and up to a total of six) 30-minute live video-based group coaching sessions (in app or over Zoom)
  • TeamLab: A minimum of one (and up to a total of six) 1-hour live video-based TeamLab sessions (in app or over Zoom). TeamLab sessions occur bi-weekly
  • Project work & activities: 10-20 minutes of group activities on a bi-weekly basis

What will I learn?

  • Leadership: Set a vision, motivate a team
  • Management: Manage people, time, money, and more
  • Emotional intelligence: Use emotions to better meet goals, for you, your team, and your network
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging: Create a team culture that embraces every member
  • Listening: Drive performance and trust with better listening
  • Giving and receiving feedback: Reimagine feedback as a positive tool for performance
  • Decision-making: Make better, more confident decisions

What devices does the Oji Life Lab app work on?

Mobile Devices: iPhone running iOS 13.0 (or newer) or Android devices running Android 6.0 (or newer)