What is Oji Decide?

What exactly is Oji Decide?

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What is Oji Decide?

Oji Decide is the complete mobile learning program that will help you and your teams make better, more confident decisions every day.

Built on our one-of-a-kind Oji Mobile platform and based on the decision framework created by Dr. Ralph Keeney, an internationally recognized thought leader in decision sciences, Oji Decide will help you develop decision skills so that you can better frame your decisions, generate compelling alternatives, and analyze your choices.

The result: improved performance at work and a better life.

How does Oji Decide work?

  • Goes beyond simply sharing information about decision making: it helps you develop lasting skills and habits.
  • Based on decades of research, Oji Decide has been co-developed with thought leaders from Duke, Yale, Boston University and Emory University. 
  • Provides about 2 days of training but in a more convenient – and effective – format!
  • The training takes place on your mobile device and is broken up into 56 learning steps.
  • Steps are fun and quick, less than 15 minutes each.
  • You set the pace and choose the best time to engage.
  • Includes special live video discussions with an Oji Coach. You can join right from your phone.
  • Coaching and other support are available throughout the process.

My schedule is already packed! What’s the time commitment?

  • Each step takes 10-15 minutes. Many people complete a step each day, but you can go at whatever pace works for you.
  • Do you like to binge watch? No problem. You can do multiple steps a day if you prefer!

What will I learn?

  • A practical, easy-to-use decision-making framework: learn the DID IT model and how to use it for all types of decisions.

  • Cognitive biases: explore how brains work when making judgments and how to avoid the mental shortcuts that lead to faulty conclusions.
  • Emotional intelligence: see how emotions impact the decision-making process and what you can do to harness them to make better decisions.
  • Team decision-making: practice decision-making in scenarios that involve other people and when you are not the authorized decision-maker.

What devices does the Oji Life Lab app work on? 

Mobile Devices: iPhone running iOS 13.0 (or newer) or Android devices running Android 6.0 (or newer)